Meet the team!

Angela Sun

Editor-in-Chief, President of EUSJS

I’m a 3rd year Biological Sciences student hoping to specialize in Evolutionary Biology in the future. In my spare time, I love binge-watching mediocre TV shows, sometimes reading less mediocre books, and listening to semi-decent music. As a scientist-in-training, I’m passionate about increasing the accessibility of scientific writing.

Kyla Kelly

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Secretary of EUSJS

I’m Kyla, a second year biomed student from Derry, I’m so excited to be working with the committee this year and helping out all of our members! Outside of EUJS I enjoy hiking and discovering new places with friends. As the secretary this year I hope to be a good reliable source of communication for incoming members and help everyone feel welcomed!

Yalda Janebdar

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Treasurer of EUSJS

Hi! I’m Yalda, a third year student going into fourth year. As someone studying maths, I am really excited to be widening the scope of my scientific knowledge. I’m really keen to be working to share this knowledge and communicate it through the journal, as I believe science deserves a bigger platform than it has. Aside from the journal, I have a strong interest in social justice, writing, and thinking about where today’s science will take us. I also really enjoy cooking, running and most other human things! I look forward to working with the committee next year on making science more accessible. 

Austėja Čiulkinytė

Head Copyeditor

Hello! I’m Austėja, the head copyeditor for EUSJS this year. Currently I am undertaking an industrial placement in Biopharm Discovery at GlaxoSmithKline, after which I will return to my final year of Biochemistry studies. My scientific interests include neuroimmunology, neurodegenerative disease and drug discovery. My non-scientific interests include reading, yoga, cycling, good food and not necessarily good wine. I hope to make EUSJS a useful resource to practice your writing skills!

Rosie Mcfadyen

Head of Illustrations

I’m Rosie, a second year Biomedical Sciences student from Dublin. I enjoy hiking, running and going on day trips with friends! I’m really excited to be the first person to take on the new role as head of illustrations so that I can merge my love for both art and science!

Georgia Docksey

News Section Editor

Hello! I’m Georgia, the EUSJS News Section Editor for 2021-2022! As a 2nd year Biomedical Sciences student, I have keen interest in human health and disease. My research interests include reproductive medicine and endocrinology, as I am passionate about the development of treatments for debilitating disorders such as endometriosis. I also appreciate exploring the history and philosophy of science, and thus the foundations and methods of scientific practices. In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, painting, making music, and spending time in nature. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for the EUSJS in the coming academic year!

Milena Flankova

Research Section Editor

Hey! I am Mila, a third-year BSc Biological Sciences student. I am passionate about science communication and biological research aiming to advance healthcare. My current research interests include stem cell biology, cancer biology and genomics. Apart from my degree-related interests, I enjoy baking, hiking, playing volleyball and exploring new places. I am very happy to be a part of EUSJS this year and I will gladly fulfill my role as a research section editor by posting interesting and diverse prompts, editing articles and taking an active part in writing workshops. I hope to help EUSJS to grow in the coming academic year and I am very excited to participate in other activities organised by the society that would help our writers to improve their critical thinking, research and written communication skills.

Garen Zartarian

Review Section Editor


My name is Garen Zartarian and I am a 2nd year Biomedical Sciences student. I am very excited to be contributing to the EUSJS by working as the Review Section Editor for 2021-2022. I believe communicating science and its history in a fun, yet intriguing and accessible way can inspire young academics to get further engaged in their fields which is what will drive us forward! My personal favourite fields are those of infectious diseases and neuroscience. My passions outside of science include playing and listening to music (funk being my favourite genre), bouldering, running and reading. See you around 🙂

Miranda Ferguson

Features Section Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Miranda, the features section editor at EUSJS this year. I’m a fourth year infectious diseases student with a keen interest in science communication, public health and epidemiology. Outside of academics, my hobbies include crafting and rock climbing. I’m really excited to develop the features section into an accessible way of writing about scientific events and lectures around Edinburgh (and online for the near future…!).

Ioana Papa

Academic Secretary

Hi! I’m Ioana, a third year Chemistry student from Romania and I am the Academic Secretary of EUSJS this year. I am particularly interested in physical organic and biological chemistry and outside of academics, I enjoy reading books ranging from biographies of scientists to fiction and wandering around in bookshops. This year, I am really looking forward to organizing lectures that present research from a variety of fields and hoping to get to organize such events in-person.

Krysia Weir

Web Editor

As a Masters studying International Business and Emerging Markets with a background in Biotechnology I love that our society encourages students from all scientific fields to write about their interests. My hobbies outside of EUSJS are going up Arthur’s seat, spending time with my friends, being the Secretary for BioSoc and reading. I was also the previous Co-President of the society and I’m excited to see what happens with the new committee!

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