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The Edinburgh Scientist

Who are we?

The Edinburgh Scientist is a magazine run by the Edinburgh University Science Journal Society (EUSJS), a science communication student body at the University of Edinburgh. Founded in January 2018, EUSJS aims at helping students to refine their skills in scientific writing, providing a platform for publishing their articles.

What do we do?

Every month, we propose prompts in our group for writers to choose from and to work on. Writers can also propose their own topics. After the drafts are reviewed by the respective section editor and the head editors, the writer’s work is ready to be published.

Our Articles

The magazine includes four sections, each organised by a section editor, encompassing a vast array of topics.


Current news stories around the world.


Ongoing research in any scientific field.


Current news stories around our beautiful Edinburgh.


Recent scientific and science fiction documentaries, shows, movies and books.

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